Executive Round Table Brings Together Small Business Owners Who Want To Learn and Collaborate!

Membership in Executive Round Table will take your business to the next level. Where else can you find qualified, experienced and highly motivated professionals that will focus only on you and your business? As a member of a peer group, you will get advice from fellow members who understand your situation because they have been there. Quite simply, you will have your very own Board of Directors!

What to Expect From Your CEO Peer Group Membership?

  • Monthly meetings with trained facilitator
  • Workshops, mastermind sessions, guest speakers
  • Open to business owners all over the country
  • Advice from qualified, respected, and like minded individuals
  • Opportunities to focus on strategy
  • Build confidence in your abilities to create a well-run organization
  • Sharing of experiences and knowledge in a confidential setting

CEO Peer Group Advice

7 Benefits of Joining A CEO Peer Group

At Steiner Business Solutions, we’ve long been an advocate of assembling a group of peers to help you grow your business. As an entrepreneur or CEO, you often lack both the filter and the sounding board you need to see things bigger ways.

How To Choose the Right CEO Peer Group for You

Turns out that old expression is true: it is lonely at the top. 

Which is why CEO peer groups are an effective way to break out of the echo chamber and get feedback and advice from peers who understand your situation— because they’ve been there themselves.

Or take the next step to come as a guest.

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