With such a competitive business environment, local business leaders are eager to capitalize on opportunities, kick-start growth, and beat their rivals. Steiner Business Solutions is dedicated to enabling business owners and senior decision makers to do that. Members of our Executive Round Table participate in monthly ‘advisory board meetings’ involving intensive strategic design workshops, and problem-solving or project development ‘mastermind’ sessions. The benefit of participation in these meetings is enormous. Any local business owner or senior decision maker can apply for membership, but acceptance is not guaranteed, as membership is exclusive; groups are limited to a maximum of twenty members, with a strict ‘no-competition’ policy, permitting only one member per business sector. This gives you a huge advantage in exclusive access to the combined knowledge and experience of your group.

Membership gives business owners and senior decision makers regular access to an external ‘board of advisors’ dedicated to assisting them solve problems and achieve goals. Leaders no longer feel they are “working alone”.

Which of these would make your business thrive?

  • Advice from a team of qualified, like minded individuals, ensuring that your business has a variety of opinions, and is not totally reliant on one voice for inspiration
  • An opportunity to focus on strategy: topics of key business growth rather than just day-to-day tasks and putting out fires
  • Confidence that your organization is well-run and a belief that decisions have been fully investigated
  • Share experiences and knowledge, leading to a broader perspective and increased network
  • A chance to brainstorm strategies that have the potential to increase revenue

We realize there are other peer group organizations available to you, but do you “qualify” to be one of their members? Even if you did, do the fees discourage you? Well, we think we have the best of both worlds to offer!  We don’t have revenue or size restrictions and our fees are a reasonable $249/month.

Dan is now establishing groups to facilitate at his Steiner Business Solutions office in the West End. The first group is called VERTICAL GROWTH PARTNERS and launched in January 2016. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 9am – 12pm. Contact Dan at dsteiner@steinerbusinesssolutions or (804) 525-4259 if interested in membership. Don’t wait long – your competition could be downloading an application right now!

Download our guide: Ten reasons to join an Executive Round Table

Download our meeting outline: Here’s what involved in our Executive Round Table meetings

Read what our current members are saying about our Executive Round Table:

  • As a RVA  business owner, the opportunity to meet monthly for peer learning and mentoring on various business growth aspects is very valuable. The time commitment is reasonable and actually provides me a “step back” visioning opportunity of where  my company needs attention that I haven’t found prior to being a part of Steiner’s Executive Round Table. – Anne
  • There are a lot of referral groups and networking events that will help you grow your business. Only Steiner’s Executive Round Table group has helped me personally grow as a business owner. The monthly workshops and the insights of my fellow members have had a profound and positive impact on the way I run my business. Having a safe space to both hear and share the successes and failures that come from running a business accelerated my learning curve. Any business owner who wants to realize their full potential should be a member.– Jason
  • Executive Round Table  has forced me to think about my business in ways I normally would not have. I find with each session I leave with something to take away and share with my staff to keep us all moving in the right direction for the future. It has shifted my mindset from that of a sales driven entrepreneur to truly a business owner looking through business minded glasses. I am much more aware of what my business is doing, what we are good at, why and how we need to plan for the future growth. Having a sounding board like Executive Round Table has made my business and myself better.– Nick