No More Excuses

By qSdCcPjb

I can’t tell you how many times we hear “Now is not the right time” from business owners and CEOs when we bring up the idea of CFO services. I honestly think it’s a conditioned response – kind of the way you respond when a telemarketer calls you at home. I can understand the initial wall that goes up. CFO services – what the heck is that anyway? Sounds expensive! What do I need a CFO for when I have an office manager and a CPA at my disposal? Is this how you would respond??

My question to you is “When is the right time?” When is the right time to:

• Better manage your inventory
• Review your pricing to maximize your margins
• Increase your profit
• Increase and manage your cash flow effectively
• Improve your processes
• Lower and manager your costs

You get my point?! Why settle for average when you can be excellent? Do you even know how good your business can be?

Most of the businesses that would benefit from CFO services typically already have an in-house bookkeeper or office manager and a CPA who they rely on for tax strategies and tax preparation at year end. That’s great – but those resources are not going to give you the benefits that a CFO can provide. Most bookkeepers and accountants are not nearly qualified enough to provide that sort of expertise, and most CPAs don’t have the time throughout the year to devote to your business. Many CPAs serving business owners have never owned a business and are limited in their knowledge of business operations.

The right time to bring in a part-time CFO is when you’re looking to improve the results of your business. Isn’t that every day of the year? I know I’m constantly trying to get better. Don’t get it stuck in your mind that a CFO is only another expense to deal with, but rather an investment in your business. Effective strategies, when executed, will bring a return that far exceeds the cost associated with our CFO services. I usually present it like this – wouldn’t you spend 10 dollars to get 30 back? Of course you would!!! It’s as basic as that! Don’t SETTLE for the status quo. Spend more time focusing on the financial metrics and performance of your business. Your CPA is there only when you call him/her – there to react to what’s already been done. A Steiner CFO consultant is there in your business throughout the month working proactively and coming up with strategies that can be executed throughout the year and provide tangible results that can be duplicated for years to come. Don’t let your fears of the unknown stop you from taking the next step. The next step is to call or email us to find out more about our CFO services!