Looking to sell your bookkeeping business or accounting firm?

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If you run your own bookkeeping business or accounting firm and feel like you’re ready to let go/get out (for whatever reason), we want to talk to you.  We know it’s not easy to get out and network to find clients.  It’s also very expensive to build a brand and infrastructure around you.  Tax season can be overwhelming!!  If you are contemplating making a change, here are a couple of options to consider:

Outright Sale/Acquisition

If you are looking to sell your practice, we would consider purchasing your assets outright.  We’ve acquired several practices to this point so we’re familiar with the process and offer several options to structure the deal.  This is is typically the choice of people who are retiring, changing careers, or taking a job in the corporate world.


If you are struggling on your own and feel like you would thrive better within a bigger firm with more resources, this may be the right option.  Your clients would be blended with our clients.  The practitioner typically stays on with us as an employee and continues to service the clients they brought with them.  Depending on the size of your practice, an equity stake may be offered.

Contact Dan Steiner at dsteiner@steinerbusinesssolutions.com if you have any interest.

Think Bigger, a book by Dan Steiner


How I Grew My Accounting Business to a Point I Was Able to Sell ONE Division For Over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

“ONE MILLION DOLLARS” is a milestone entrepreneurs and business owners love to see and hear at some point in their professional life, especially written with six zeroes on a bill of sale. Dan Steiner, the founder of Steiner Business Solutions, has achieved this and more by selling off just one division of his accounting business, and he now reveals in his own conversational and easy-mannered way how you too can achieve this, and possibly in less time than you might think.

  1. What should your gross profit percentage be, ideally?
  2. What is an example of synergy in the accounting business?
  3. What will an effective growth strategy do for you?
  4. What are two effective growth strategies?