I Wrote The Book


I rarely speak personally about my business in a public forum. However, I’m at a stage in my career that I’m now comfortable speaking openly about my victories, and my losses. I’ve learned so much (especially about myself) over the years while running this company. I’ve failed as much as I’ve succeeded, but I never let it stop me or my entrepreneurial spirit. As a business owner, you have to stay focused and determined if you want to achieve your goals. Goals change, but your attitude should not.


Steiner Business Solutions has come a long way since it started out of my house in the winter of 2006. Over the years, I’ve employed dozens of staff and served hundreds of small businesses, with much to be proud of. We grew our brand and our revenue to levels I rarely imagined.  What a ride!


For those of you who don’t know, I made a huge life decision last year and sold my entire bookkeeping division at the end of 2019.  It was not planned, but opportunities present themselves and you have to act if you feel it’s the right decision. Of course, I had no idea a worldwide pandemic would hit the following year! But that transaction has allowed me to take on some new challenges – and I LOVE new challenges! Hence, THINK BIGGER, was born.


THINK BIGGER was first created in my mind while I was closing on the sale of my bookkeeping division. I was so proud of what had been accomplished, I wanted to share the victory with others. I thought, why not write a book about it and help others achieve the same thing! I’m pretty proud of the book. As with anything you create and put your heart and soul into, you’re hopeful and nervous it will do well. It’s too early to tell, but my fingers are crossed.


THINK BIGGER is a business book written for other accounting and bookkeeping company owners. My perspective is from the same seat they occupy now. How do they look at their business? Is it just a job, or is it a valuable asset they want to sell when it’s time to exit? Success is not guaranteed. It starts with the right mindset and progresses with your tolerance and ability to take risks. I want my book to encourage, inspire, and challenge business owners to look at their business – and themselves – in a different way. Step out of the bookkeeper role and look at themselves as the CEO of a vibrant company. It’s not easy, so my book provides an easy to follow blueprint full of best practices and strategies that readers can implement in their companies to achieve a large liquidity event when they have buyers knocking on their doors.


The book isn’t huge, so you should be able to knock it out in a couple of weekends. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at dsteiner@steinerbusinesssolutions.com. I want to hear from you.


I follow the Facebook groups for bookkeepers, and I see so many questions being asked that are answered in THIS BOOK. I encourage you to get the book and read it. If you need help implementing any of the strategies in the book, contact me and we’ll work together on building your business.

——Dan Steiner, Owner, Steiner Business Solutions


To get a copy of my book, THINK BIGGER, follow this link –https://www.steinerbusinesssolutions.com/think-bigger/