Can’t my CPA firm do what you are doing?

Not effectively. They are more comfortable behind a desk.  Most CPAs have not had the responsibility and experience of a Corporate CFO. Most have never run a business and faced the challenges their clients have faced. Being a CFO, whether on a full-time or part-time basis is much more than being able to crunch numbers or fill out a tax form. A CFO is multi-faceted. A good one has lots of first-hand experience wearing many hats including administration, purchasing, human resources, and contract negotiation – in addition to having strong finance skills. Above all, a good small business CFO must be business savvy.

My company has a good accounting staff. Why do you think SBS can help my company?

More than 85% of private start-up companies fail within their first five years of operations. Every year, thousands of small businesses fail. Virtually all of these companies had an accountant. Often these businesses fail, not due to a fundamental weakness in the business itself or even the changing economics of their industry, but due to a lack of even the most basic financial management. Without sound financial management, companies are simply not able to realize their potential or manage risk. Having an experienced financial executive as part of management can only be a positive. A CFO provides the big financial picture and a clear vision for optimal growth. Even if your company is running fine, nothing is perfect. Efficiencies and margins can always be improved, providing a greater bottom line. A CFO can work with your accounting staff to improve financial reporting so you can make better decisions about your company’s future. Maybe you have a good accounting staff, but they may not be adequately supporting your operations functions by providing a link between the two areas of the company. SBS can act as the missing link between your accounting department and the operating side of the business.

What makes Steiner Business Solutions a one-stop resource for small businesses?

For our clients – one call does it all. Putting all of our services under one roof makes business more convenient for our clients. SBS specializes in small to midsize business needs, making our company a trusted source on all matters of business, in addition to important bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs. We pride ourselves on affordable and flexible pricing and you’ll never have to wait long for a return phone call or email.

How do you determine your rates?

We custom tailor our engagements to each individual client. The first step is a free consultation where we meet and discuss your company and its needs. We work on either an hourly rate, or a flat monthly rate, dependent upon the level of service required and your preference. To quote a rate, we need a full understanding of your needs and situation. We invest heavily in things such as marketing (our website is a great example), technology, software, people, partnerships, insurance, and continuing education. We believe SBS clients see the value in all the investments we’ve made and are willing to pay a rate that gives them access to all our resources, including our exceptional customer service.

What if I don’t know what I need exactly?

Don’t let that stop you from moving forward! With years of experience working with a diverse group of clients, we’ve basically seen and done it all. We‘ll sit down with you and come up with a plan that’s effective and affordable for your business.

Do you prepare tax returns?

Absolutely!  We provide comprehensive tax preparation and planning services – both for individuals and businesses.  We offer electronic filing for the most accurate tax returns and the fastest refunds. In addition, we utilize the most current tax research tools in order to handle the most complex tax matters and give you the best advice and course of action.

How does the work get done?

Technology is a wonderful thing (most of the time) and allows us to work with clients all over the country. We simply look for the most convenient and efficient methods to get the job done. For most of our local fractional CFO clients, we do make sure to spend time onsite at your business.

Am I obligated to a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. Steiner Business Solutions provides only the services you want and only for as long as you want them. We welcome and invite your feedback throughout the engagement. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, we’ll certainly do everything in our power to remedy the situation.

What if I can’t afford your CFO and Advisory Services?

Committing to a monthly CFO engagement may be challenging for various reasons, or its simply beyond your current budget; however, Steiner Business Solutions provides a great alternative through its CEO Peer Group offering called Executive Round Table. For only $249/month you get the opportunity to learn and collaborate with other business owners at our monthly meeting. This time spent working ON your business, instead of IN your business, can give you valuable insight that you might have gotten through our CFO Services. Several of our CFO clients are also members of our Executive Round Table. We invite you to check it out. The key is to do SOMETHING that makes you and your business more successful!