How I Grew My Accounting Business to a Point I Was Able to Sell ONE Division For Over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Think Bigger, a book by Dan Steiner

“It is a great read!”

Giuseppe Salamone, Co-Founder at VaroTeam


About Think Bigger

Learn how to sell your bookkeeping business or accounting firm with Think Bigger by Dan Steiner, founder of Steiner Business Solutions. “ONE MILLION DOLLARS” is a milestone entrepreneurs and business owners love to see and hear at some point in their professional life, especially written with six zeroes on a bill of sale. Dan Steiner, the founder of Steiner Business Solutions, has achieved this and more by selling off just one division of his accounting business, and he now reveals in his own conversational and easy-mannered way how you too can achieve this, and possibly in less time than you might think.

This brilliant, insightful book lays out how to grow and potentially sell all, or a portion of your business for A LOT of money. The author shares in his own engaging and friendly way how he achieved this, with all the intelligence of an accountant and insight of an entrepreneur. With anecdotes and maxims learned along his own professional journey, the author shares his own successes, mistakes, best practices, and systems to put you on a wildly successful path, whether you are a startup, established, or even a flailing businesses. In this book, the author places a “liquidity event” in your own future, where you sell part or all of your business, thanks to a pre-planned and intelligent exit strategy.

Called “the guru of small business taxes” by The Wall Street Journal, Barbara Weltman has been working since 1977 as an attorney and small business advocate. 

Barbara is a recognized authority on tax, legal, and financial topics that affect small business owners. She’s trusted for her judgment and insight and is a virtual mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Need Help With Any Of These Questions? Get The Answers Inside THINK BIGGER!

  • What will get investors lining up when your accounting practice is for sale? 
  • What is the best social media for professional service companies? 
  • What’s the secret to closing business? 
  • What are the two best marketing investments you can make? 
  • Should you hire a salesperson? 
  • When do you raise prices for services? 
  • Should you get a line of credit from a bank? 
  • What should your gross profit percentage be, ideally? 
  • What is an example of synergy in the accounting business? 
  • What will an effective growth strategy do for you? 
  • What are two effective growth strategies? 
  • What are the key ingredients to maximize the value of your business? 
  • What is a “multiple,” and on what does the valuation of your business depend? 
  • What are some effective exit strategies for you and your business? 
  • What are some key marketing actions your business should take? 

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Readers Are Saying

“If you want to grow bigger, you need more than just basics and information updates. You need the advanced insight that Think Bigger offers.” 

—Barbara Weltman, Big Ideas for Small Business

“THINK BIGGER is a great book! Dan speaks from his own experience, starting and growing a super-successful practice, to help you find clients and grow a successful practice that’s more than a replacement for a job.

—Edin Cuskovic, Owner, Maximum Accounting and Tax Services

“Very relevant and well thought out”

—Giuseppe Salamone, Co-Founder at VaroTeam

"THINK BIGGER is professionally written and quite easy to read. Dan provides an excellent blueprint to start and grow your accounting business based on his years of experience. I am implementing the principles shared and it is working for me. Thank you Dan for sharing your knowledge to accounting entrepreneurs that have a genuine desire to help small businesses grow and in turn grow their own practice at the same time."

– Rob Griffin, Owner
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About the Author of Think Bigger

THE FOUNDER AND OWNER of Steiner Business Solutions since its formation in 2006, Dan Steiner has accumulated 30 years of experience in financial and operational management, which he’s used to help hundreds of businesses improve their performance and find their way to success.

Dan holds a BBA in Accounting from James Madison University and began his career as an auditor with Price Waterhouse, an international public accounting firm. This position enabled him to work with a variety of clients in a number of industries. Over the years, his skills and ambition led Dan to hold other high-level financial positions such as Chief Financial Officer in various companies. His experience has been working closely with business owners, providing them information and strategic guidance to help set the direction for their businesses.

Steiner Business Solutions was one of the first companies in Richmond, Virginia to offer outsourced accounting and CFO services to the market. Through Dan’s leadership, SBS has built a great reputation in the business community and received several local awards in recognition of its achievements.

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