Outsourced CFO Services

Let Us Be a Part-Time Member of Your Executive Team

Our business is to make YOUR business as successful as possible. The common thread of healthy, profitable companies is financial discipline and strategy execution. As your part-time CFO, we're available for on-site meetings to help you answer the questions you’re probably asking yourself: How can we increase profits? How do we effectively manage cash flow? How do we price our products/services to maximize our profit margins?

Your fractional CFO will continually monitor your business, providing insight and strategic recommendations so you can make the best decisions for your company. Drive revenue, increase cash flow, and improve profitability with customized strategies designed and executed by experienced professionals at Steiner Business Solutions.

A Fractional CFO can provide several key functions for your business

  • A readily available sounding board to help you with those tough business decisions and help you clarify your business plans. We have a wealth of experience and business insight an owner can tap into.
  • Training & managing your accounting staff. We can manage these staff members at a frequency determined by need. This allows the business owner to focus on other aspects of the business. We can train your staff and make them more efficient and valuable.
  • Financial projections, budget preparation and monitoring. We can construct a working model of how your business should perform financially if certain strategies are executed and milestones are reached.
  • Profitability & Operational Analysis. We carefully analyze your operations and financial results looking for trends, key indicators, excess costs, inefficiencies, and any information that will assist you in future decision-making.
  • Planning for Growth. We assist in defining your long-range growth plans and the quantification and narration of your company's goals.
  • Cash management. Cash flow projections will assist you in understanding your current cash situation and planning for future cash requirements.
  • Liaison with bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance agents, etc.

Q & A

Q: What is the difference between a Controller and a CFO (Chief Financial Officer)?

A: The controller is an experienced accountant who is responsible for making sure the company’s transactions are properly recorded and that financial statements are generated every month. A CFO takes accounting results to the next level. While a controller fully understands accounting and accounting systems, a CFO will take a more forward look at the business by projecting, forecasting, managing cash flow, and planning for future growth.

Q: Is my company too small to benefit from Fractional CFO Services?

A: Not at all. The need for good financial management is not a function of size. Small companies as well as large ones benefit from the services of a CFO. With Steiner, companies of all sizes get the financial management they need when they need it, without the cost of a full-time employee.

Q: Can’t my CPA firm do what you are doing?

A: Not effectively. Most CPAs have not had the responsibility and corporate experience of a CFO. Most have never run a business or faced the financial or operational challenges their clients have faced. A good CFO, in addition to having strong financial skills, has first-hand experience wearing many hats including human resources, mergers & acquisitions, marketing, and contract negotiation.

Q: My company is running just fine. Why do I need Fractional CFO Services?

A: Even if your company is doing well, nothing is perfect. Efficiencies and margins can always be improved, providing a greater bottom line. Our part-time CFO Services are here to take companies like yours to the next level. Our CFO experts can work with your staff to help you make better decisions about your company’s future.

Want to know more about our Fractional CFO Services? Contact our office at 804.525.4259 or dsteiner@steinerbusinesssolutions.com for a FREE consultation.